… that today is just another beautiful day

You say, ‘today is just another day’. You’re looking like you actually don’t want to live here, don’t want to be here and don’t want to live this day. I wonder why, I remember the problems you told me. I agree; life can be very hard, I experienced it myself. You don’t have to tell me that, ‘cause when you do, I think you’ll also tell me that I’ll never understand it and that my life doens’t know as much problems as yours does. Yeah that might be but I do think that’s for a reason… Because when I don’t always have that sorrows on my mind you’re having, I can be positive, stay positive, and maybe you could take it over. God hasn’t created the world to see sad people everywhere, does He? So I’m telling you

that today is just another beautiful day.

And you’d better enjoy yourself and do the right things, before it’s too late



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