I. Want. To. …

I want to stay awake for a whole night and don’t care about the clock. Just wanna feel like it’s 11am while the hours are passing by. I want to eat everything what’s in my way, like pizzas, cupcakes, chocolatechip cookies, gummy bears and spare ribs. I want to hang around in my pyjamas all day, just watching some movies and chill in my bed with my radio and laptop. And one day I want to eat only salads, get up early, do all my homework and be just perfectly correct. Oh and I want to swim beyond the stars and then go to a restaurant even if it’s midnight. And eat crisps as breakfast.
… well now I know why I didn’t do these things. Half of them is just TOO bad xD But it’s fun to write them all down. :’)

xoxo – the dreamer



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